Albert Ma

Chief Innovation Officer
of Insigma Hengtian, based in Boston USA.

Topic: Apply Machine Intelligence to Software Engineering

Albert Ma

For many years, outsourcing service providers are under tremendous pressure in competition with forever-rising labor cost and relatively flat profit margin. While moving up to a higher value chain is no brainer, able to streamline and automate the software development process could still sustain the business with a lower operating expenditure.
However, there are certain limitations to the productivity gain with traditional way of automation. The next wave of software development relies on machine intelligence to pick up programmers' knowledge, and keep automating itself alongside the development life cycle. Robotic industry has embraced machine (or artificial) intelligence technologies for many years. The software industry has just begun to embrace these technologies in a broader basis, catalyzed by responding to the "consumerization effect" in mobile market. Search giants, social media and cell phone vendors are using a number of statistical methods, data mining and natural language processing to capture user behavior. These data are being used to generate different type of business solutions that help end users on personalization, decision support, cost measurement and productivity gain etc.
Applying similar machine intelligence to the outsourcing projects would mean:-

  1. Scanning requirement specification and source code, and provide the "semantic translation" of artifacts and source codes.
  2. Discovering code patterns that are re-usable in future and build up the knowledge base.
  3. Abstract programming effort in "specific business domain" with a Domain Specific Language and re-usable code patterns.
  4. Self-learning data/text mining algorithm that will keep refining the output accuracy.

Insigma Hengtian is partnering with Zhejiang University, China in a research project to develop those machine intelligence capabilities, code named "BlueMorpho". A conceptual methodology with related technologies is proposed herewith the IAOP 2015 World Outsourcing Summit.
Albert Ma is the Chief Innovation Officer of Insigma Hengtian, based in Boston USA. He manages the company's innovation and R&D activities and has 25+ years of enterprise software development experiences. Before he joined Insigma Hengtian, he was the CIO of State Street Hangzhou, China
Albert Ma graduated from University of Queensland with a Master Degree on Technology Management, and Master of Business Administration with University of Hull.