Future of Artificial Intelligence for CIOs

Roman Yampolskiy

Tenured Associate Professor
University of Louisville

Many scientists, futurologists and philosophers have predicted that humanity will achieve a technological breakthrough and create Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). It has been suggested that AGI may be a positive or negative factor in all domains including business and economy. In order to succeed in the future economy it is important for company CIO to have a good understanding of the emerging opportunities and problems.

Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy is a Tenured Associate Professor in the department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Louisville. He is the founding and current director of the Cyber Security Lab and an author of many books including Artificial Superintelligence: a Futuristic Approach. Dr. Yampolskiy's main areas of interest are Artificial Intelligence Safety and Cybersecurity. He will have some copies of his book for those interested in buying an autographed copy.

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Roman Yampolskiy