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  Cyber Security Initiative (CSI)


Welcome to the Cyber Security Initiative (CSI) at the University of Louisville. The department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) in the J.B. Speed School of Engineering, and the department of Computer Information Systems (CIS) in the College of Business have established the CSI as a focal center for collaboration on cyber security across disciplines at the University of Louisville. This effort is part of the J.B. Speed School Engineering's strategic initiative on Cyber Enabled Discovery.

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The mission of the CSI is the following:

The "Cyber Security Initiative" (CSI) initiative is a collaborative effort between the departments of Computer Engineering and Computer Science and the Computer Information Systems. This initiative provides educational, research and service activities in cybersecurity, information assurance, forensics and legal aspects of computing. Additionally the CSI aims to promote secure and ethical use of information technology throughout the university and the community at large.

     Photos from the CNSS Ceremony at CISSE 2013