U of L

  Cyber Security Initiative (CSI)

Faculty and Staff

Computer Engineering and Computer Science   
Computer Information Systems Department
Adel Elmaghraby
Professor and Chair
Robert Barker
Associate Professor and Chair
Ahmed Desoky
Associate Professor
Jozef Zurada
Ibrahim N. Imam
Associate Professor
Dr. Andrew Wright
Assistant Professor
Anup Kumar, Professor
Director MINDS Lab
Dr. Ghiyoung Im, Associate Professor and
Coordinator of Information Security program
Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy, Associate Professor
Director cybersecurity Lab
Mr. Jason Hale
Dr. Nihat Altiparmak, Assistant Professor
Distributed Storage

Dr. Adrian Lauf, Assistant Professor
Director Aerial Robotics Lab

Dr. Jeffrey L. Hieb, Associate Faculty
Associate Professor of Engineering Fundamentals
Michael Losavio, J.D.
Justice Administration Department nasd CECS Adjunct
Ron A. Lile, Manager
Microcomputer Services